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POCT(Point of Care Testing)

POCT refers to tests that are performed in close proximity to patients including those tests performed in hospital ICUs, emergency treatment rooms, hospital wards or clinical practices including offices of practicing doctors as well as patient-performed tests such as the blood glucose monitoring tests.

Because they can quickly provide results which doctors can immediately use to choose appropriate remedies, they are now widely used in various situations including diagnosis of influenza viruses and pregnancy.

“Swiftgene Norovirus GI/GII Kainos” for detecting noroviruses

This product qualitatively detects norovirus genes extracted from fecal or other samples through a NASBA nucleic acid amplification technology combined with a nucleic acid chromatography.

“Statmark™ FLUstickⅡ” for detecting Type A and Type B influenza virus antigens

This product detects the Type A and/or Type B antigens to influenza viruses in nasal wipe or discharge samples, or pharyngeal wipe samples using an immunochromatographic technique.

“Statmark™ Strep A” for detecting Group A beta-hemolytic streptococci

This product qualitatively detects Group A beta-hemolytic streptococci in pharyngeal wipe samples using an immunochromatographic technique.
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