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Investor Relations

In recognition of the important roles diagnostic agents play in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases doctors perform in their clinical practices, Kainos Laboratories, Inc. has been engaged, since its foundation in May of 1975, in R&D as well as marketing and sales activities of innovative products that truly satisfy this important medical needs.
In order to maintain superior quality of the products, Kainos actively improves and refines them even after they have been placed in the market.

Although the clinical diagnostics industry this year may face an environment that is still tougher than last year, in part because of changes in the public health administration, Kainos intends to push forward its own in-house development as well as joint developments with various institutions including university labs in the four target areas: biochemistry, immunology, genetics and POCT.
In the production arena, improvements of profit margins by identifying non-profitable products is one of the top priorities. The marketing/sales force, on the other hand, is working on the shift to a more proactive marketing model that engages customers with various proposals that enable speedier and more accurate diagnostic practices.
At th corporate level, the company is making progress toward a more efficiently managed organization through various operationsl improvements that ultimately cluminates in a new Internal Control System.

Kainos is commited to exploit our legacy as well as the latest intellectual properties to develop next generation clinical diagnostics that are "people and ecosystem friendly" so that we may continue on our growth path, based on the recognition of our responsibility to the society as a developer in this highly important field.

Prominent originality in research, development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution through small in number our exceptionally talented staff give form to innovative ideas.

Our status as an independent developer/manufacturer without specific affiliation to larger enterprises allows us to stay on top of clinical lab reagent development activities.
This independence grants Kainos the freedom to join forces with various university labs or overseas pharmaceutical or chemical companies on a project-needs basis.
Further, we are never restricted in our choice of raw material suppliers, nor in marketing strategies within a specific corporate group.

Advantages such as these only accrue to independent companies like Kainos. By leveraging them in pursuit of innovative research and development strategies, our independence also enables us to keep the company tightly staffed, which in turn gives rise to highly creative product development.

Testament to our strategy is found in the various epoch-making clinical reagents we've provided the world through technical cooperation with different industries. We are also proud of the extensive knowledge and technologies we've gained. Kainos will continue to value its independence as our foremost resource for innovative R&D.