From the management

Since its foundation in 1975, Kainos Laboratories, Inc. has been making every effort as a manufacturing and sales company of in-vitro diagnostics to develop and offer innovative products for the ultimate objective of contributing to both preventive and clinical medicine.

Starting with the first in the world Serum Transaminase Measuring Reagent that utilized the enzymatic method, Kainos has expanded its business scope with various products in the biochemistry, immunoserology and genetic testing domains. In recent years, its Carnitine Measuring Reagent and ADAMTS13 Activity Measuring Reagent were both included in the national insurance listing in Japan in 2018 greatly contributing to both the definitive diagnosis and formulation of treatment strategies by medical professionals. In the biochemical testing arena where Kainos has its strength, it provides various Multivalent Reference Serums in response to customer requirements, which among other benefits has been helping to streamline renal and hepatic functional tests. In the immunological testing field, Kainos is actively deploying its products for the blood transfusion testing market including the gel column-based testing equipment and related reagents with the special focus on the fully automatic blood testing system Erytra Eflexis.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire clinical diagnostics industry has experienced significant transformation and the customer requirements are evolving more varied than ever. Kainos commits itself to continue the R&D activities by capitalizing its proprietary technology and through cooperation with affiliated companies in order to differentiate and personalize its products.

With its 50th anniversary approaching in 2025, Kainos continues to offer innovative products of the highest quality to healthcare professionals.